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485 Movers Inc is a professional moving company with 12 years experience servicing the Charlotte area. We provide moving services you call on and use every time you move for a lifetime. We want to get to know your needs, help with the details and make the transitions from one family home to another simpler. So call us and for an appointment or make order and we’ll call you back.

Moving an entire household or business is undoubtedly tedious and stressful. There are difficulties that are simply inevitable. From packing all the items you need to bring including large furniture, heavy filing cabinets, and drawers, etc. to transport it one batch at a time on a long round trip, the task consumes too much time and effort, not to mention gas money.

The real trick in a successful move isn’t about how many people undertake the task or how many vehicles you bring. It is all about careful planning and enough preparation, something that 485 Movers Inc has tons of experience in. We take the necessary time to devise a systematic plan of action so that actual operations go smoothly during the actual moving day.