5 Tips for an Effortless Move During Spring Season

Moving During Spring

As with any other season, moving in the Spring comes with it’s own set of benefits and drawbacks. Below are 6 tips and overlooked pointers that will help you ease your Spring move worries.


Springtime is a perfect time to move, because the housing market is notoriously busy with plenty of buyers if you are selling and ample new listings if you are buying. It is recommended that you schedule your move in the beginning of Spring, ideally in April.

Moving companies become more and more busy as the summer nears, so the prices will start going up in May. It will also be harder to find availability if you have a specific set of dates in mind.
If you have children Spring can be the best season for a move since settling in a new area before school starts can make for a smooth transition. Kids will have time to make friends and get used to the new environment before classes begin.



The obvious reason to move in the spring is the weather. This of course depends somewhat on where you live, but spring tends to have some of the most comfortable temperatures of the year when it is not longer too cold to move but is not quite too hot. Again, depending on where you live, Spring also tends to have less rainy days than Fall.

Although it is good to schedule your move well in advance (two weeks of more), if you do end up scheduling a move within a week, check the weather report. Ideally, pick an overcast day. Sunny days are next best, but make sure you layer up on sunscreen and protective clothing as this is something that is often forgotten on a moving day until it's too late. Try your best to avoid rainy days, as you do not want your furniture to get water damage and most moving companies will not work in the rain and will have to reschedule.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is Spring cleaning for a reason! It is the perfect time to go through your closet, storage and the rest of the house and host a garage sale or do a good deed by donating unwanted items. This will also benefit you down the line when the time to move comes and you will have a lighter load. (Blog on Packing and Organizing for a Local Move)

Let go
Offer Up
Next Door
A good old garage sale

Act Ahead

Your future self will thank you if your present self takes care of some easy-to-forget things in advance.

Cancel or switch utilities to your new address, you can schedule the switch for a future date.

Schedule all necessary repairs in advance on separate days. Nothing is more inconvenient than realizing that some repairs need to be done last minute, and next thing is your house is full of painters, carpenters, plumbers, etc that are all in each other's way.


The one drawback of moving during Spring however is pollen. Pollen - the true enemy of breathing and clean furniture is often underestimated.

If you are someone who suffers with congestion and feeling unwell during allergy season, make sure you are prepared with ample amounts of medication to help you through the move. Since you will be highly active, being able to breathe clearly and having good energy levels is important.

Make sure to protect your furniture as well. Even carrying items between the houses and the truck is enough time for pollen to settle and leave ugly, hard-to-remove residue behind. The best advice here is to have plenty of stretch wrap and tape in hand to wrap your valuable pieces with. This is especially important for things made of cloth, like couches and mattresses. Don’t worry too much about tables and other smooth surfaces as a simple wiping down will be sufficient.

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